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At Pro Elite Soccer Training, our dedicated coaches are committed to helping you progress from your current skill level to where you aspire to be. We prioritize growth, improvement, and hard work, aiming to help you achieve meaningful, personalized goals. Our approach boosts your self-confidence and motivation to elevate both individual and team performance.

Located in Mountain View, CA, we focus on developing players not only in their soccer skills but also in their mental toughness, physical conditioning, and positive attitude. With years of coaching experience and backgrounds as former soccer players, our diverse cultural backgrounds enrich our coaching philosophy. We believe in equality in every aspect, ensuring every player gets the opportunity to excel both on and off the field.

Join us in the Bay Area to train with intensity and reach your full potential.

Sean Elisa

Sean brings a wealth of professional experience from Europe and Bali, Indonesia, including time with Persibeya in Indonesia. With a strong focus on both playing and coaching soccer, Sean introduces specific and advanced training techniques to the game. He has coached numerous players in Silicon Valley, working with local clubs and helping players advance their skills. Sean excels at working with young players, boosting their confidence and skill levels for their school and club teams. His enthusiasm and motivational style inspire players to achieve their goals.

Certification: UEFA B-License, CPR, First Aid, AED

Gaby Arreguin

A former semi-professional soccer player in the U.S., Gaby has dedicated herself to coaching in the Bay Area for several years. Mentored by Sean Elisa and Vicente, she brings advanced training techniques and a universal perspective to the game. Gaby specializes in working with young players, helping them build confidence and skill for their school and club teams. Her enthusiasm and motivational approach are key to advancing her players’ goals. Gaby also has experience managing online soccer communities.

Certification: CPR, First Aid

Song Taelim

A former professional soccer player in Korea and Hong Kong, Song has been coaching in the Bay Area for several years. His passion for coaching is evident, and he has helped many players reach their personal soccer goals. Song’s unique talents and expertise are a great asset to our coaching team.

Certification: UEFA B-License, CPR, First Aid, AED

Nic Busette

With over 30 years of coaching experience, Nic has an impressive track record, particularly with the Peninsula Bay Area women’s amateur champions, AJAX. He has coached numerous former US Women’s National team players from Santa Clara University and Stanford, as well as players from Canada, China, Mexico, and other countries. Nic has also developed many ODP and PDP players, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.

Certification: CPR, First Aid

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